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16 Things Game Developers Should do to Improve Player Retention

Nathan Lovato | Development

Players leave games. According to Marc Robinson’s 2013 GDC talk, “On average, less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session.”

And as you know, our first duty as professional game designers is to create compelling experiences. We make games for the players to enjoy and play! If they leave our games too fast and too often, we have failed.

Thinking of the reasons why players are leaving your game is a great opportunity to put yourself in their shoes. Not only that, your financial success largely depends on the size and fidelity of your audience. In particular if you are monetizing your game with in-app purchases.

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6 Tips to Develop Free to Play Games

Hafo | Development

Free-to-play games, or F2Ps, are one of the types of video games that is currently generating the most business. They’re games that are offered free at first to an ever larger audience. These games monetize primarily via advertising, the purchase of virtual goods or powerups within the game itself, or with a combination of both.

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How to design levels for a platformer

Diorgo Jonkers | Development

This article looks specifically at the process of designing levels for a platformer. The process is a guideline and covers the steps from the initial idea to the final playable level. Let's learn to design levels for a platformer!

The article does not focus on scheduling. However, you do need to keep scheduling in mind when designing levels. The size of a level and the amount of resources it contains depend on the number of people working on it, and the time available to complete it.

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Learn to make an in-app purchase DLC

David Xicota | Downloadable Content, Development

When you think about in-app purchases in games you might be thinking about a less-than-desired practice to squeeze money of players at any cost. The thing is, that when done right, IAPs are a great way to deliver premium content

So, premium is new content offered for payment, where usually a single-payment gets you all the fun, but it can also be a subscription to regular content updates.

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How to develop expandable games

David Xicota | Downloadable Content, Development

One key to video game success is to be constantly releasing small updates. This alone might be a compelling reason to develop expandable games in the future.

There are a plethora of reasons why games are successful, but what’s for sure is that players want to feel their favorite games are alive. They demand you to solve annoying bugs that affect gameplay, they like to have extra content to play through, and they love to see when you are able to introduce community proposals into the game!

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How to develop episodic games

David Xicota | Downloadable Content, Development

Recently, I've been speaking to several game developers that are planning to release an episodic game. This piqued my curiosity, and led me to share this with you. I'll go through what they are and I'll lay out two ways to approach the development of this type of video games.

Also, I’ll provide some examples that reveal the differences in the development process of these games. This way you can gauge what solution could work best for a game you might be planning.

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Holiday Push Notification Campaign

Diana Avila | Marketing, Push Notifications, Development

Many times I’ve been asked for advice on how to use push notifications to re-engage players. It’s a hot topic among mobile developers and that’s why I’d like to address part of the best uses for push notifications in this post.

Here at Gamedonia, we have a few favorite campaign strategies we’ll cover across different posts. Any developer can use them, so please share them with the community. One of them is what we like to call the Holiday Campaign.

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Three ways to use DLC in game development

Adria Galito | Downloadable Content, Development

When you know you want downloadable content, but aren't sure how to take advantage of it, it's always best to see how other studios use DLC in games.

Following are a series of examples that will help you get more creative for your future video games. When you finish, you'll hopefully have a better grasp of the possibilities that DLC brings to you. Seeing what other developers did is a good way to learn how to use DLC in games.

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An Alternative to APK Expansion Files

Alberto Xaubet | Downloadable Content, Development

Did you know that in Google Play the maximum supported APK size is 50MB? Yes?

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How to Make the Perfect Game Pitch (in 3 sentences or less)

Adria Galito | Marketing, Pitch

Learn how to make a game pitch with Rami Ismail's presentation from GDC Europe 2014 held in Cologne.

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